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Boss Willona was an unscrupulous businesswoman/mobster who ran a hair care business. She made a business deal with the Freeman family to sell a dangerous hair product.


Boss Willona runs a hair salon in Woodcrest, and she also sells a line of hair products for desperate black women who want to make their curly hair straight. Many of these products contain lethally toxic substances.

After Huey Freeman created chemical explosives for an aborted plan to kill Ed Wuncler II, Robert decides that it can be used as hair gel instead. Going against Huey's warnings, Robert and Riley sell the "bomb hair gel" to Willona. Sales of this product are going strong, until the federal government learns about the explosive hair cream and bans it.

While the Freeman family are hiding in a recreational vehicle in the desert, Willona and her henchman (a gay black man) force them to help create more of the bomb gel at gunpoint. However Robert used the wrong ingredient, creating a gas cloud that incapacitates Willona and her henchman. The Freemans later drive off and abandon the RV; when Willona and her henchman wake up, they try to hotwire the vehicle, however this ignites the gas cloud, killing them in a fiery explosion.