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Betty von Heusen is an elderly conservative woman who is one of the Freemans' neighbors. She is the head of the local neighborhood watch, and also the Second Amendment Sisters. She is voiced by Marion Ross.


Season 2[]

She first appeared in "Thank You for Not Snitching". When Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy are committing a spree of home burglaries, the Freeman family refuse to "snitch" about any knowledge they may have of the crimes. This draws the suspicion of Mrs. von Heusen, who proposes militarizing the neighborhood watch.

Later in "The S-Word", while Rollo Goodlove and his demonstrators march to protest Riley Freeman's teacher calling him a "n***a", they bump into and clash with von Heusen and her gun rights group (the Second Amendment Sisters). They chase away Rollo's protesters, shooting at them and calling them "n*****s".

Season 3[]

She later appears in "The Red Ball", as one of several people recruited by Huey Freeman to join the Woodcrest kickball team, to compete against another team from Wushung, China. Like everyone else playing at the kickball game, Betty gets severely injured by the flying kickballs.

During "Smokin' with Cigarettes", Riley accompanies Lamilton Taeshawn as the latter attempts to burglarize Betty's house, even though Riley points out that it's a stupid idea to try to rob a crazy old lady who owns a lot of guns. Lamilton shoots and kills Betty's guard dog, even though it was chained down and unable to actually attack him.

During "The Fried Chicken Flu", when it seems that the epidemic is making civilization fall apart, Betty once again turns the neighborhood watch into a militia. The militia learn that the Freeman family and their friends are holding onto a huge stash of emergency supplies. Betty's militia then make two attempts at robbing the Freemans' supplies. The first time, the militia gets repelled by a tear gas attack. The second time, the militia bring gas masks and a school bus with them, and they start a frantic car chase with the Freeman and DuBois families; however they are foiled by Thugnificent ramming their bus with his own delivery van.

Season 4[]

Betty later cameos in "Early Bird Special", as part of a crowd of conservative demonstrators, who are protesting against Robert Freeman's involvement in Geraldine's "escort" (prostitution) service.

In the climax of "I Dream of Siri", she is also one of the guests at the aborted wedding of Robert and Siri.


  • Betty von Heusen is voiced by Marion Ross.
  • She was at first addressed as just "Mrs. von Heusen" (though no husband has ever been seen nor mentioned). Her first name (Betty) was revealed in "Smokin' with Cigarettes".


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